Saves energy with the right equipment

Saves energy with the right equipment

Everyone wants to save energy to save energy means saving money. It also means that we do our part to reduce our individual and collective impact on the environment. Lets examine some cost-effective energy-saving tips, as opposed to costly tips. Impact can be immediate with little or no investment.

Often we find that there are many energy-saving ideas out there that are expensive. There is no doubt that these ideas and products work as much research and effort has been done to prove this. We will not contest this, we will simply look at simple, expensive ways that we can get started immediately. Lets take a look around our kitchen and find out what we can do today and what we can do in the near future with a small investment.

First, we need to look at what devices we have and how we can use them to lower our energy consumption right now without spending a penny. Does it sound too good to be true? It is not; Its also very easy to get started. First, we will identify what we have and how we can use it more effectively. Most kitchens have a oven combination, fridge, toaster, coffee maker and dishwasher, the dishwasher is quite often an extra. With the assortment we need to cover pots and pans while cooking as often as possible, this can reduce energy consumption by up to 40%, using the right size burner, ie small pot, small burner we can save even more. With the fridge, we have to make sure that it only opens when needed, and in the shortest possible time it means we do not stand the door and open the contents, get what you need and close the door. In the average household with children this can reduce the amount of refrigeration in the refrigerator. In addition, we must ensure that the space behind the refrigerator is sufficient for proper cooling and that we regularly clean the coils to keep the cooling system running at maximum efficiency.

The toaster and coffee maker have less impact but can add up to a year, use the capacity of the toaster whenever possible, if it is a 4-toaster toaster, try to plan the use so that it roast 4 slices, the same goes for a 2 slice toaster. This way, the heat is used to roast the bread and not heat the kitchen. Coffee makers must be switched off when the pot is close to empty or residual coffee will not be consumed, this will prolong the life of the product and save energy. The dishwasher is best used even at capacity, if you need to drive it before its full use and economy mode. By not using the dry function of the dishwasher, we can save 30% to 50% of the energy used per cycle, wipe by hand when its comfortable.

The second step in saving energy in the kitchen is to investigate and buy energy-efficient products when you need to replace an item. They have all energy classes now and you will find a wide range in each product size and type available. Rarely, the more effective products are a little higher, but the savings usually cost more than compensate for the cost difference.

The third step is to identify which devices you have and do not use often or the devices that can help you save a lot of energy, are cost-effective, saving you both time and energy. The toilets are a good complement to the kitchen for several reasons. They give us increased capacity when were entertaining and save energy when we do not need extra capacity. Use a toaster to cook smaller meals whenever you can, saving the extra energy your full-blast furnace consumes and cut down the heat emitted in your house, which will help reduce the load on the air conditioning system. This is a double rescue. If you are in the market for a toaster, try to choose a convection type, as the use of convection mode will save up to 30% of energy usage compared to a conventional type by reducing cooking time, saving not only energy here but also time. There are also a number of infrared ovens out there that now have all the benefits of a convection oven while you cook a little faster so you can achieve up to 50% energy savings over a regular oven to prepare the same meal. The infrared oven also has the ability to cook from the frost at the same time as a convection oven boils from thawing, more time savings for you. It also means that if you forgot to pull something from the freezer it does not matter, youre ready to go with an infrared wave. These are some simple and cost-effective ways to save time and energy in the kitchen that you can take advantage of immediately. Enjoy your time in the kitchen now and enjoy the reduced energy bill really soon.

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